June 4th 2019 | University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

About the event

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The principle of inclusion is a pillar of Scottish education. In technology, that pillar has a strong foundation. Technology in the classroom is closing the digital divide between children from low-income and high-income backgrounds. It has become key to tackling the attainment gap. There has also been a revolution in the technology used to assist students with additional support needs – it has become cheaper, smarter, and better. Educational technology, or EdTech, is transforming our classrooms into places where the educational outcomes of children and young people are not predicated on their income backgrounds or support needs. It is helping to create truly inclusive schools.  

Today’s children grow up fused with that technology. Today’s teachers did not. While the transformational potential of EdTech is unparalleled, it can only be unleashed if teachers are digitally literate – so how do we ensure that teachers are able to make the most of EdTech?

Holyrood’s 8th annual Learning Through Technology conference will take you on a digital journey. Together we will explore the transformational power of EdTech through presentations and interactive sessions. EdTech is not only revolutionising the learning of our children and young people, but also the way you teach. Join us and be part of that revolution.  

Why you should attend:

  • Explore the potential of EdTech and how it can help tackle the attainment gap
  • Learn about the innovative ways that technology is empowering students with additional support needs
  • Discover how you can become as digitally literate as the children and young people you teach 
  • Explore the latest technology that is revolutionising our classrooms today and learn about the EdTech of tomorrow 
  • Attendance is free for all headteachers, teachers and all the public sector