June 6th 2018 | Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh



Registration, exhibition and refreshments


Welcome and introduction by the Chair

Keith Aitken, Journalist and Broadcaster

Session 1: Delivering digital learning and teaching in Scotland 

In September 2016 the Scottish Government published its digital learning and teaching strategy: ‘Enhancing Learning and Teaching Through the use of Digital Technology’ which emphasised the importance of local action. This opening session will consider how teachers, local authorities and individual education establishments can develop digital teaching in Scotland.


Keynote: Inspiring learners through technology

  • How pedagogy can and should inform digital technology 
  • Using digital technology in a way which best delivers an impact in achieving the aims of the Digital Learning and Teaching Strategy of Scotland

Mark Anderson, the ICT Evangelist


Stirling High School - Learning through technology impact review 

  • The Digital Learning Improvement Group’s vision for digital learning and teaching in Stirling High School
  • Investing in the right environment to ensure the benefits of digital technology in learning are realised: improving access to technology for pupils, increasing teacher confidence and skills, investing in infrastructure and developing a digital culture in our community
  • Adoption of G Suite for Education and Glow
  • Impact and next steps 

Helen Gorman, Team Leader in the Skills and Youth Employment Team, Stirling Council


Taking a strategic local approach to digital education 

  • A simple user’s guide to taking a strategic approach
  • Reflecting on the National Strategy and your current position
  • Surveying the national landscape and stealing all the best ideas
  • Building capacity by twisting arms and encouraging tinkerers
  • Developing relationships

Michael Conlon, Digital Learning & Technology Officer, Perth & Kinross Council


Questions and discussion


Refreshments, exhibition and networking

Session 2: Breakouts - driving innovation and investment in technology

Through a series of interactive breakouts delegates will have the opportunity to explore and discuss the latest developments in digital education.

Breakout A: Mission to Mars – Using iPad to take us to other worlds

An amazing opportunity to extend learning with iPad by taking part in workshop challenges with a STEM focus. Gain hands-on experience with incredible tech that will ignite imaginations in the classroom. This workshops will equip you with dynamic new tools to take learning forward with iPad, including coding drones! Join us for your mission to the stars and experience an incredible journey of learning.

Run by Dr Steve Bunce, Apple Distinguished Educator, XMA Ltd

Breakout B: Closing the Literacy Attainment Gap in South Ayrshire: How ReadingWise Helps Make the Difference

Since 2016 South Ayrshire have deployed the online literacy intervention ReadingWise as part of their strategy to close the attainment gap. Members of the South Ayrshire team will be presenting and you will hear about:

  • Hope-less to hope-full: case studies of hard-to-reach pupils
  • How ReadingWise up-skills learning support staff, allowing them to reach large numbers of pupils quickly
  • Why technology-enabled literacy interventions like ReadingWise are game changing for the digital generation

Run by Daniella Fulton, Principal Teacher, Newton Primary School and Jamie Fries, CEO, ReadingWise

Breakout C: Invisible Technology for Visible Learning

  • Get an insight into  schools’ journey from learning-teaching tools selection to implementation.
  • Find out how schools harness student voice in the selection and design of a teaching-learning platform, how to make sure the on-boarding process is successful, how to keep the momentum going and what it all means for visible learning and flipped delivery methodologies.
  • Walk away from this session with some practical ideas and key considerations when implementing  a digital strategy to your school. 

Run by Simon Hay, Co-founder, Firefly


First breakout


Transition between breakouts


Second breakout


Lunch, exhibition and networking

Session 3: Towards a digitally empowered workforce

The first objective of the strategy is to ‘Develop the skills and confidence of educators in the appropriate and effective use of digital technology to support learning and teaching’. This session will look at how teachers can apply technology effectively in the classroom and outside.


Embedding technology in professional standards

  • What digital learning skills do teacher need?
  • What digital learning skills do learners need?
  • How can GTCS support and promote digital learning through Professional Standards?

Charlaine Simpson, Lead Officer for Digital Learning,​ General Teaching Council Scotland


Digital Schools awards: inspiring culture change in Scotland’s schools

Catherine Dillon-Ruddy, Headteacher, Mearns Primary School

Andrew Howie, Acting Principal Teacher, Mearns Primary School


Teachers and parents – a partnership approach to digital teaching 

  • A research-informed perspective on three aspects of linking home and school through technology
  • The potential of technology to support parental engagement 
  • Key success factors
  • Common challenges and potential solutions

Professor Cathy Lewin, Professorial Research Fellow and Co-Director of the Centre for Research in Technology, Innovation and Play for Learning (TIPL) research group, Manchester Metropolitan University


Questions and discussion


Refreshments, exhibitions and networking

Session 4: embedding digital technology in teaching and assessment

In this final session we explore how technology can be used to enhance the learning experience and how schools across Scotland are helping children and young people to use technology responsibly.


The future of assessment starts now

  • Technology is key to driving improvements in the efficiency, quality, reliability and validity of assessment
  • How technology has been used mainly to deliver process efficiencies, increased access and learner flexibility not possible using more traditional methods
  • Using technology to do things not just better but differently, allowing us to assess new things in new ways and making assessment more relevant

Graeme Clark, Head of Digital Assessment Services, SQA


Self-Organised Learning Environments (SOLE): Inspiring and Empowering learners

  • What is SOLE?
  • What does learning look like during a SOLE session?
  • What’s in it for us? Impact of SOLE on teaching and learning in our school.

Fiona Lawson-Ross, Headteacher, Masham C.E. Primary School

Suzy Smart, Senior Teacher, Masham C.E. Primary School


Social media and the classroom

  • An overview on the use of social media to support and enhance learning and teaching
  • Supporting career long proessional learning and social media as a professional medium.

Lee Dunn, Lecturer in Education Studies and Technology, University of Glasgow


Questions and discussion


Closing remarks from the chair


Close of conference